The app revolves around a three step process that happens once every week:

Step 1: Update App

Students will get an alarm notification to remind them to input answers for their To-Dos, Tasks, UnProductives, Ratings and Questions

Step 2: Send Joy

They will view someone else’s progress to say something positive or motivational. We call this process, “Sending Joy”

Step 3: Receive Joy

Someone else, will view their progress and do the same. This is called, “Receiving Joy”

This 3 step cycle will continue every week to allow the students to build solid habits and ultimately accomplish their aspirations. 


Using the app takes less than five minutes per Week


Send Joy Suggestions

Having a hard time coming up with something to say? Just use one of our Send Joy Suggestions: 

  • Compliment the recipient on what they are doing or the progress they made toward their goal.
  • Write a short update on your personal progress in relation to your goals.
  • Based on your personal experience, give the recipient some tips, strategies or advice.
  • Share a motivational or inspirational story that may be relevant to the goal they are pursuing. 
  • Talk about something positive that happened to you as a result of you pursuing your own goals.
  • According to the recipients Goal Log, do you see any improvement? Explain why or why not.
  • Talk about how your month is going in general.