Through a collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education and Akwai’s software platform, over a thousand schools will participate in a financial literacy and civic engagement program. Each of these schools will be paired with the CEO and executive team at one of Arizona’s most successful companies - according to the Phoenix Business Journal’s Book of Lists.


Each school’s program will be customized based on the inputs from the executive team they are paired with. Over a five-year period, the executive team will gleefully watch as the school creates video updates of their journey through the program.

We are looking for an Investment Advisory Firm to become the sponsor of Akwai’s financial literacy and civic engagement program. Not only will your firm be promoted to the hundreds of thousands of families who will engage in the program, but you will also be promoted to over a thousand executive teams who will be paired with each school (first through the initial setup interviews then periodically through the school’s update videos).


Working with an Architect (coach)

An Akwai Architect is a trained professional who serves as your accountability-coach, data-manager and research-assistant. They focus on combining [a] the data generated by the Akwai app and [b] the Scientific Method to help you make systematic progress toward accomplishing any goal. Using the app by itself is enough to accomplish many goals, so working with an Architect is a bonus. Subscribing to Architect services is an optional upgrade meant to accelerate your success.

 You have a range of goals that vary in subject-matter and importance

Those goals require diverse habits, mentalities and reactions to get accomplished

Habits, mentalities and reactions are turned into measurables and are tracked in the Akwai app

Our database has thousands of pre-made measurables that can be added to enhance your strategy

Through periodic calls, your personal coach will help you evaluate and optimize your measurables

Eventually you will find your ideal balance, gain momentum and accomplish all of your goals


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