AIVC 3.0


Over the last four years, our team has utilized decades of research to develop a proprietary algorithm that converts 5 minutes of app usage into over 1,500 individual data points. This Artificially Intelligent Virtual Coach (AIVC 3.0) summarizes each student’s behaviors, attitudes and habit formation.

These evaluations are represented by the 8 Sub-Scores


The Perseverance Sub-Score (PV-SS)

- based around Tasks and what the user accomplished in relation to what they said they would get accomplished.  

The Willpower Sub-Score (WP-SS)

- based around UnProductives and how well users avoided participating in activities they identified as being detrimental to their objectives.

The Introspection Sub-Score (IP-SS)

- based around Ratings and how well the user evaluated personal traits that have an impact on their advancement toward success.

The Transparency Sub-Score (TP-SS)

- based around Questions and the detail given in response to open ended questions that pertained to their progress.

The Accountability Sub-Score (AC-SS)

- based around the user holding themselves responsible for their progress as well as how well they held others accountable.

The Consistency Sub-Score (CS-SS)

- based around the user’s consistency, and how punctual they were when submitting status updates and progress reports.

The Utilization Sub-Score (UZ-SS)

- based around how much effort was put into using functions of the software that were developed to maximize productivity.

The Tenacity Sub-Score (TN-SS)

- based around the effort put into unique activities that increase their chances of accomplishing goals and objectives - activities like referring friends and reading our articles. 



The 8 Sub-Scores average together to output a single 'Akwai Score'


Akwai Score: 0%

Akwai Score: 100%

Akwai Score: 195%