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While vlogging can open many financial and professional doors, the main opportunity you should consider is the ability to use this vlog to accelerate progress toward your personal and business goals. Akwai is an app that enhances productivity and accountability for your goals - whatever they may be. The purpose of your vlog is to document your journey and usage of the app. Not only are you going to maximize the efficiency of the Akwai app, you’ll also be collaborating with other Architects and building your personal community of followers/viewers who’ll be supporting you on your journey. Let’s make this the most productive year of your life.

Reasons why Akwai wants you to create a vlog

  • You are (we think) a pretty cool person and people will resonate with your story. 

  • As you use the app, you will experience a whole host of positive benefits. Capturing your journey and success can be a great marketing tool to inspire more people to join Akwai. 

  • The newly released app needs people to test it and find out if any bugs or design choices need to be improved before our national marketing campaign begins. 


What is Nolly


The term Nolly is based on Nollywood, the Nigerian version of Hollywood/Bollywood. Nolly will be similar to services like Facebook Watch, YouTube Red, Netflix and Hulu. It will feature episodic content (shows, vlogs and podcasts) that will be categorized into the following channels (called Nollys); Personal Development, Professional Development, Fitness, Finances, Faith, Business, Parenting, Civics, Moon-Shot etc.

We want you to become an Akwai Architect and star in Nolly's original content like:


Inspired to Action

In this show, you will compete in the NCAL (National Competitive Accountability League) to see who can make the most progress toward goals. The NCAL (National Competitive Accountability League) is a new e-sport designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to consistently grow. Competitors can compete on a team or individually and will be matched with opponents by the competition committee. During the 2018 pre-season, matches will have a 2 week duration and scoring will be based on: [a] the progress made on a pre-selected Action Plan (goal) during the 2 week match period, [b] the formulation of Boms that can be added to the selected Action Plan and [c] the progress made on each users non-NCAL Action Plans (goals) over the last 6 weeks. Tie-breakers will be settled based on Mindset Points and/or audience votes. 

Get It Done Now (tentative name)

In this show, you will meet your competitor at the studio where a referee will reveal the challenge. The challenge is a random activity that can be completed in a few hours, and it is usually an activity that helps you accomplish one of our Action Plans. Once the challenge is accepted, the clock will start and the winner will be decided based on criteria including who finishes the challenge first and/or best. A camera person/crew/drone will follow each competitor and you will have a shoulder-mounted phone which will be LIVE (via Facebook, Instagram or YouTube).

Action Plan Introductions

We want to have a promotional video or commercial shot for every Action Plan we sell in our marketplace. If you decide to star in one of these videos then you may be able to earn commission each time that Action Plan is purchased. 

Variety Show

This show will feature various segments from our list of Video Segment Ideas. View Video Segment Ideas here

Follow Along Action Plans

Action Plans can have Architects vlog their experience using an Action Plan for 10-weeks. Akwai users who purchase the Action Plan will be able to unlock one episode per week. This allows users to feel like they are tracking the Action Plan alongside you. Rather than passively watching shows, they will be actively engaged as it progresses. View examples of what you can film 

Akwai Live

We will stream many live segments for Facebook, Instagram, IGTV and YouTube. View Segment Ideas Here

Your Own Vlog "Grit by @yourinstagram"

This will be your bread and butter content. This will include weekly interviews at the studio as well as filmed Self-Reflection Sessions (that can be done in the studio, your home or wherever else you choose). The entire Architect Guide is there as a foundation to support your brand as a vlogger.  View the full Guide


Becoming an Architect


An Akwai Architect is someone who has a hand in creating Akwai content (Action Plans, vlogs, commercials, interviews, podcasts, blogs, social media posts etc). 


Film at our studio 

We have an cool studio setup in Tempe that you can come by. This video shows 30 of it's filming locations (plenty of equipment and backdrops on-site)


Film at your house

A lot of your content can be shot from the comfort of your home (rental equipment available) 

Film on location 

Make your content that much more impactful by filming yourself IN THE PROCESS of making progress toward your goals (rental equipment available) 


After you schedule your first studio session, you can fill out the Getting Started survey. Each Architect will complete the Getting Started survey. Try to get as much of it completed as you can prior to coming in. We can go over the questions in person if you want.