Akwai Chats

turning valuable concepts into actionable steps


Akwai Chats

turning valuable concepts into actionable steps


Youth Mental Health

Growth Mindset


Evolution of psychology

Healthy Habits


Darrina Bledsoe & Deana Bledsoe

The Bledsoe Sister's are Licensed Behavioral Health Professionals whose mission is to EMPOWER others through Keynote and Motivational Speaking. Learn about mental health and healthy skills to manage stress with us in an innovative and exciting way. Corporations, professionals, students and so many more will walk away feeling empowered and ready for a healthier lifestyle! 

Daniel Truelove (yes that’s his real name)

Experienced Learning & Development Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Cultivating Relationships, Staff Development, Change Leadership, and Coaching. Strong education professional with a Bachelor of Science focused in Psychology from the University of Alabama.


Virtual Internships


The purpose of Akwai Chats is to show you how Akwai can be used to convert valuable concepts into actionable steps. Akwai is a social network based around goals and accountability. It has a marketplace with thousands of Action Plans that guide you on accomplishing specific objectives. We have Action Plans for any goal you can think of – parenting, fitness, finances… we’ve even based Action Plans on empirical articles, books and curriculums. Each week the app pairs you with group members for guided check-ins and support.


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