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Create AI-powered accountability plans for any objective. The Akwai app makes it easy, no coding or technical knowledge needed.

To increase app signups and Action Plan Market sales we are cultivating a community of Akwai Creators. An Akwai Creator (AC) is someone who creates Akwai Action Plans and/or manages a YouTube channel that promotes Akwai usage. 


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What is Akwai?

Akwai is an app that helps you track progress toward different goals. It is half social network and half productivity tool powered by artificial intelligence. We have a marketplace that turns knowledge, advice and other intangible concepts into actionable steps. The market has thousands of Action Plans that will guide you on accomplishing any endeavor imaginable. Learn a skill, get a raise at your job, become healthier, eliminate a bad habit, be a better parent - AnYtHiNg! We converted self-help books, how-to-articles and YouTube videos into Action Plans and the marketplace is arranged them in the following categories; 1 Lifestyle and Entertainment, 2 Health and Fitness, 3 Skills and Hobbies, 4 Parenting and Family, 5 Business and Career, 6 Environment and Sustainability, 7 Humanitarianism and Altruism, 8 Personality and Relationships, 9 School and Education… 


Once you choose an Action Plan you will begin a three-step cycle that repeats each week.
In Step 1 you will Update AIVC. AIVC stands for Artificially Intelligent Virtual Coach and basically, it is exactly what it sounds like. We created an artificial intelligence that will virtually coach you on what to do to complete your Action Plan. Each week AIVC will give guidance and ask unique questions about what you’ve done to accomplish your goal. As you make progress, the questions and guidance will change.


Step 2 is where you Send Joy. Each week AIVC will pair you with a different group member. It will be your job to view their Action Plan progress then say something motivational or positive – this is what we call Sending Joy.


In Step 3 you will Get Feedback. When you use the Akwai app, you’ll get feedback from humans as well as from the artificial intelligence. On the human side; just like you Sent Joy, each week you will Receive Joy from someone in your group. You will receive feedback from AIVC in the form of four weekly measurements; Accountability, Intensity, Reflection and Consistency. Each is measured on a scale from 0 – 200.

As you repeat this three-step cycle, you’ll accumulate tons of data about yourself which you can use to understand why you did or didn’t succeed at your endeavor. If you have an objective that there isn’t an Action Plan for, you can create your own – no coding or technical knowledge needed.

Coming to iOS and Android this spring
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