YP + Akwai


YP + Akwai


Akwai is offering GPULYP use of it’s technology, platform and methodologies to dramatically increase; [a] the productivity and accountability of members as they work on projects related to GPULYP, [b] GPULYP influence and exposure throughout the valley and [c] the amount of funds raised to support GPULYP events and initiatives.

Akwai is a social network based around goals and accountability. It has a marketplace with thousands of Action Plans that guide users on accomplishing specific objectives. We have Action Plans for goals in almost all categories – we even have Action Plans based on books, empirical articles and curriculums. When an Action Plan is chosen, the app gives step-by-step guidance on how to accomplish the goal. It also tracks progress and pairs each user with accountability partners for guided check-ins.

Each committee will have its own Akwai Action Plan so committee members can understand their role and track progress. Here are some sample questions that can be included in an Action Plan made for those on the Membership Committee:


Membership Committee Action Plan Example

  • Productives - Things the user is trying to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis.

    • This week, how many people did I invite to a YP event?

    • This week, how many times did I research/Google topics related to marketing and/or brainstorm ways that YP can reach more people?

    • This week, how many times did I like, comment or share one of YP’s social media posts?

    • This week, how many times did I talk to or interact with a fellow YP member?

  • UnProductives - Things the user is trying to avoid doing.

    • This week, how many times did I complain about YP to a non-YP member?

    • This week, how many times was I unkind to a fellow YP member?

  • Ratings - Things that can be evaluated on a 1 - 10 scale.

    • On a scale from 1 - 10, how much effort did I put into encouraging fellow YP members?

    • On a scale from 1 - 10, how would I rate YP’s branding based on its activities and social media posts in the last week?

  • Queries - Open-ended questions that a user can ask themselves.

    • What did I learn about branding, marketing or advertising this week?

    • What is something we can do to improve YP’s branding, exposure and reputation?

    • What innovative or helpful ideas should the YP team look into?

  • Inquiries - Questions that the user poses to the group. This allows each user to crowd-source advice.

    • What is something positive you can say about my contributions to YP?

    • What video or article (that is relevant to my support of YP) would you like to share with me?

  • Triggers - This is a two part-question made to track how a user responds to certain stimuli.

    • Trigger: How many times did I see a typo/error on YP’s website or social media posts? / Response: How many times did I send an email to YP so that the error can be corrected?

    • Trigger: Throughout my day-to-day activities, how many opportunities did I come across that YP could potentially benefit from? (e.g. an event, a collaboration opportunity, a beneficial service provider). / Response: How many times did I write it down in the “YP Ideas Google Document”?

  • Tasks - Things that are meant to be accomplished one time.

    • GPULYP has acquired over 500 members

    • GPULYP Instagram account surpasses 5,000 followers

    • GPULYP has gotten 3 news articles written about their work in the community

    • GPULYP has generated over $30,000 in fundraising revenue