New Money

Akwai adds new revenue streams to your gym


New Money

Akwai adds new revenue streams to your gym

What is Akwai

Akwai is a social network that is based around goals and accountability. It has a marketplace with thousands of Action Plans for any goal you can think of – parenting, fitness, finances… we’ve even converted books into Action Plans. When you choose an Action Plan, the app has an Artificially Intelligent Virtual Coach (AIVC) that will show you exactly what to do to make progress toward the goal. It also measures attributes that are essential to your success and pairs you with accountability partners on a weekly basis.


Purpose of this webpage

ASU received a $1,500,000 grant to fund interdisciplinary approaches to increasing the net income of local households by 10%. We are applying for this grant and the subjects of our study are gyms and personal trainers. Through Akwai, we aim to dramatically increase (if not double) the revenue earned by personal trainers and gyms. Our technology allows them to add additional revenue streams and launch viral marketing campaigns that require minimal time commitments. After 4 years of research and development, we released Akwai 1.0 onto the Android and iOS app stores. The next phase of our launch consists of training gym staff and developing their content (Action Plans and videos) so they can begin increasing their revenue as early as February 2019. We invite you to participate in this phase and help us prove that gyms can double their revenue through Akwai’s offerings.

 Sam Shammah presenting Akwai

Sam Shammah presenting Akwai


Research team

Our team of business leaders, marketers and PhDs have prepared a proposal and gotten feedback from the ASU grant team. Click here to see the ASU grant request. To see our proposal, the feedback we received and our response to the feedback email

Here are the 2018 proposal team members:

Sam Shammah - Founder and CEO of Akwai. Worked with various teams to research and develop the platform since 2014. Will manage Akwai implementation for our Main Provider.

Cheryl Conrad, PhD - Professor of Psychology, Assistant Vice President of Research Development and Lab Director of the Behavioral Neuroscience Research in Stress Lab

Thao Ha, PhD - Developmental Psychologist, Assistant Professor and Lab Director of the Healthy Experiences Across Relationships and Transitions Lab

Virginia Kwan, PhD - Professor of Psychology, Lab Director of the Culture and Decision Science Network Lab

Retha Hill - Professor of Practice and Executive Director of the Digital Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Walter Cronkite School of Journalism)

Gustavo Fischman, PhD - Professor of educational policy and Director of edXchange

Kevin Grimm, PhD - Professor of Psychology and Director of the Health and Developmental Methods Lab


New Possibilities

Akwai will help you grow in ways you never thought possible

New Possibilities

Akwai will help you grow in ways you never thought possible

New revenue streams

The following are the new revenue streams that you will be able to offer:


Facilitate Ultra-Years

Ultra-Years utilize Akwai’s social network to automate an online community of people learning how to accomplish their goals more efficiently. Go to to learn more. You will be able to charge individuals $200 per month to participate in your Ultra-Year cohorts.

Provide Architect Services

On the bottom of the Ultra-Year webpage there is a list of services that can be provided to Akwai users. You will be able to charge $50 - $300 per month for each of these services.

Live Activations

Having Action Plans on the Akwai marketplace gives you the ability to approach schools, churches or workplaces to offer semi-automated programming to the members of that organization. This is called an Activation. We call it a LIVE Activation when you host a live event to introduce or manage the program. You can charge upwards of $1,000 for a single engagement.

Paid Action Plans

You can create objective specific Action Plans and/or virtual workouts to be sold through our in-app marketplace. You can even create custom Action Plans or virtual workouts for individual customers. The prices you charge is flexible depending on how in-depth your offerings are.


New marketing assets

The following are the new marketing strategies you will be able to capitalize on:


Sales Funnel Action Plan

In addition to Action Plans you can sell, you can also create free Action Plans that would be used as a ‘lead magnet’. These interactive experiences can introduce you through video, take participants through valuable activities, encourage them to refer their friends and promote your products/services. The entire experience can be semi or fully automated depending on your strategy.

Virtual Activations

In addition to Live Activations made to generate revenue from organizations, you can offer Virtual Activations made to introduce yourself or promote your products/services to entire groups.

Give Away Freebies

Akwai grants you the ability to give away valuable freebies including; [a] specific Action Plans, [b] BomCoins (what people use to buy any Action Plan), [c] virtual coaching sessions and [d] free months to your Ultra-Year group. These are great because they don’t require time (like free training sessions) or shipping costs (like physical gifts).

Unlimited Video Content

All Akwai users are on a journey toward a goal. That by itself creates the opportunity for an interesting vlog. Our expansive vlogger platform ( has guidance on starting a vlog for the first time and dozens of binge-worthy video ideas/show concepts. Use this to create content for your business or have your gym members start their own vlogs. In today’s media-crazed environment, there are probably people at your gym who’d jump at the opportunity to be part of innovative YouTube shows. Members sharing videos that they are in is a more effective referral mechanism than asking them to individually tell their friends about the gym. All production can be done on a smart phone.

Case Studies

When you ‘Provide Architect Services’ (explained in New revenue streams section), you can store tons of data in the form of tables, charts and graphs. Rather than simple testimonials, you can accumulate data-driven Case Studies that show exactly how you helped clients and what their outcomes were throughout the journey. As you accumulate more Case Studies, your reputation will grow and revenues will increase.

Automatic Enrollments

Our goal is to double your revenue and have you do the least amount of leg-work possible. For that reason, we created a system meant to get your members to ask you about your Akwai offerings and sign up on their own. This is how it works; We provide you with 365 printable flyers that you can put into a standing sign. You put the standing sign next to where your members come to check-in. Each day or week you will switch the flyers out. Each flyer promotes “Todays Free Action Plan” and instructions on how to get it. Since each flyer will have different bright colors, it will draw your members eyes to it and they will notice that it changes periodically. Digital versions of the flyers can be posted onto social media.


New Horizons

Let’s explore new territory together

New Horizons

Let’s explore new territory together

Plans and pricing

Ultra-Year Training

For $100, you will join us in going through Ultra-Year 2019 where you will learn how to facilitate the program and customize it for your own members. This online program begins on December 16th and you will be able to start selling it by February 2019. The only new revenue stream this unlocks is ‘Facilitate Ultra-Years’. Learn more about Ultra-Year 2019 at

Provider Training

For an additional $200, you will be trained and licensed to provide the other revenue streams as well as everything listed under ‘New marketing assets’.

Content Production

For an additional $2,400 (paid in $200 monthly payments) our team will come to your location twice per week to film video content for your customized Ultra-Year. We will bring you questions and talking points for each monthly theme (in the order the monthly themes are listed on the Ultra-Year webpage). We will also assist you in customizing your Action Plans that will go alongside the monthly themes. We have a filming location if you rather come to us instead. See a video of our location at

Become Arizona’s MAIN Provider


This opportunity is only available to one Arizona gym or franchise and costs $50,000 (paid in $4,167 monthly payments)

To secure the ASU grant, our goal is to increase gym and personal trainer revenues by 50% - 150% (not just the 10% threshold). This will be done, in part, by allowing individual trainers to facilitate their own Ultra-Year programs with people recruited by them. When people join Akwai through our school programs, church programs or workplace programs they will only see the MAIN Arizona Ultra-Year and receive services by our MAIN Arizona Architects. We have been laying the groundwork for this launch since 2014 and expect to have over 250,000 Arizona users by 2020. As the MAIN Provider, all AZ users will develop virtual-coaching relationships with the personal trainers at your gym. When they purchase Architect services, the payments will go to your gym and personal trainers – Akwai will take commission. We expect the revenue generated by this to greatly eclipse the $50,000 fee. Additionally, we will personally implement all the revenue and marketing opportunities laid out in this webpage. Your gym will be Arizona’s MAIN Provider for 36 months.


Signup and Deadlines

The final deadline is November 30th and the online group training starts on December 16th. It is helpful for us to know who is participating as soon as possible, so the Ultra-Year Training will increase according to this schedule.

Ultra-Year Training:

Prior to November 14th - $100

November 14th - 20th - $150

November 21st - 30th - $200

Contact | Sam Shammah | 480-382-5023 | |

Ultra-Year Training
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