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Ultra-Year Training

For $100, you will join us in going through Ultra-Year 2019 where you will learn how to facilitate the program and customize it for your own members. This online program begins on December 16th and you will be able to start selling it by February 2019. The only new revenue stream this unlocks is ‘Facilitate Ultra-Years’. Learn more about Ultra-Year 2019 at

Provider Training

For an additional $200, you will be trained and licensed to provide the other revenue streams as well as everything listed under ‘New marketing assets’.

Content Production

For an additional $2,400 (paid in $200 monthly payments) our team will come to your location twice per week to film video content for your customized Ultra-Year. We will bring you questions and talking points for each monthly theme (in the order the monthly themes are listed on the Ultra-Year webpage). We will also assist you in customizing your Action Plans that will go alongside the monthly themes. We have a filming location if you rather come to us instead. See a video of our location at

Become Arizona’s MAIN Provider


This opportunity is only available to one Arizona gym or franchise and costs $50,000 (paid in $4,167 monthly payments)

To secure the ASU grant, our goal is to increase gym and personal trainer revenues by 50% - 150% (not just the 10% threshold). This will be done, in part, by allowing individual trainers to facilitate their own Ultra-Year programs with people recruited by them. When people join Akwai through our school programs, church programs or workplace programs they will only see the MAIN Arizona Ultra-Year and receive services by our MAIN Arizona Architects. We have been laying the groundwork for this launch since 2014 and expect to have over 250,000 Arizona users by 2020. As the MAIN Provider, all AZ users will develop virtual-coaching relationships with the personal trainers at your gym. When they purchase Architect services, the payments will go to your gym and personal trainers – Akwai will take commission. We expect the revenue generated by this to greatly eclipse the $50,000 fee. Additionally, we will personally implement all the revenue and marketing opportunities laid out in this webpage. Your gym will be Arizona’s MAIN Provider for 36 months.


Signup and Deadlines

The final deadline is November 30th and the online group training starts on December 16th. It is helpful for us to know who is participating as soon as possible, so the Ultra-Year Training will increase according to this schedule.

Ultra-Year Training:

Prior to November 14th - $100

November 14th - 20th - $150

November 21st - 30th - $200

Contact | Sam Shammah | 480-382-5023 | |

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