Printable Portfolios

Each Akwai user will also be able to generate a 20 page summary document called a “Portfolio”. These Portfolios are filled with colorful infographic-style charts and graphs that make it easy to visually see the student’s progress. AIVC 3.0 updates Portfolios every single week to give detailed reasoning for the Scores and Sub-Scores a student has received.

This will allow counselors and teachers to provide more personalized coaching. It gives them a deep understanding of the root causes behind the student’s outcomes. Portfolios can even be an invaluable asset when applying for college scholarships or preparing for a job interview.

Here is an example Portfolio:


what can big-data do for you

Superintendents and Principals will be able to compile the statistics from students’ individual Portfolios into a school-wide Data Dashboard. This will allow them to see how well the whole school is progressing and what areas might need the most attention. There are a lot of ways stats can be ranked so there are multiple leaderboards which allows students to compete and see who is the most productive.

For a student to be successful, they need to have structure outside the classroom. Homework, projects, studying, reviewing progress, getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising are all activities that have to be done at home. Parents will be able to manage home activities more effectively since the mobile app allows them to measure their student’s progress. 

Students earn gift cards and prizes for getting the role-models in their lives to download the mobile app so that everyone will have access to their goals, action steps and progress. This includes siblings, grandparents, longtime family friends, people from church and maybe even the family dentist. Having an extended network of supporters helps the parent be held accountable to being involved in their student’s education.