Backed by over five decades of research, Akwai has developed a mobile app that helps people break their goals down into actionable steps. Students track progress by answering specific questions in the following five areas:


Things needing to get accomplished on a one time basis.


Behaviors they’re trying to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis that will help them reach their goals.


Habits they’re trying to avoid - usually things that will hinder their progress.


Things they can rate themselves on – on a scale from 1 to 10. Basically, this is a self-evaluation. 


Open-ended questions that they can ask themselves – and also answer on a weekly basis.


Fields and Templates

An individual To-Do, Task, UnProductive, Rating or Question is called a Field. A collection of Fields that have been grouped together to accomplish a specific goal is called a Template. Based on their grade level, students will have access to a library of Templates for goals like;

  • improving grades

  • becoming more confident

  • maintaining positive social relationships

  • finding a career path they can be passionate about 

  • and many more...

The app encourages students to invite all their relatives and adult family friends to join Akwai and become part of their Supporter Network for periodic check-ins. To get adults more engaged, we also have Templates for goals like;

  • being more joyful and less stressed

  • improving health through proper eating

  • improving health through regular exercise 

  • taking steps toward a raise, promotion or new career path

  • and many more...