In the NCAL there are two types of competitions; Team Matches and Tournaments. Team Matches are when two teams compete to see who can earn the most Competition Points within one month. Winning a Team Match allows $5 - $100 to be donated to each one of the team members’ chosen nonprofits. Tournaments are individual competitions where you try to be the first person to earn a certain amount of Competition Points for a specific Action Plan. You must have a Gold or Platinum membership to compete in Tournaments and if you win, you’ll earn a gift card or prize.

A Tournament Host is someone who wants to make an impact on the world by encouraging people to work on a specific goal. Hosting a Tournament is free of charge and does not require them to have an Akwai membership. To become a Tournament Host, you will fill out a form that will ask you the following:

  1. What goal do you want Competitors to work on?

  2. What action steps do you expect Competitors to take?

  3. Why did you choose this Action Plan?

  4. What do you hope Competitors will gain or learn from this experience?

  5. What prize or gift card will be given to the winner? Note: Akwai will cover the cost of the award up to $50. Anything above that will have to be paid for by the Tournament Host.

  6. What do you want to say to the Competitors who participate but don’t end up winning?  

  7. What do you want to say to the Competitor who ends up winning?

A Tournament Director is someone who earns money for inviting non-Akwai members to become Tournament Hosts. Asking someone to host an NCAL Tournament is a great way to help them understand the benefits of becoming an Akwai member. Directors earn $20 - $50 per month for each referral that has a Gold or Platinum subscription. A Director who invited 0 Tournament Hosts will only earn $20 per month, per referral. This commission goes up $1 per new Tournament Host they bring on. A Tournament Director who invited 30 Tournament Hosts will earn $50 per month, per referral. All you have to do to become a Director is; [a] complete NCAL Training Camp and [b] compete in at least one Team Match.

Gold and Platinum memberships come with bi-weekly/weekly calls with your personal coach. Portions of the meeting can be focused on creating podcast or video series. We have dozens of innovative content-concepts that can be used to create binge-worthy episodes, social media posts and LIVE shows. This is a major asset that you can use to get your following excited about your journey and cause them to become Akwai members. Click here to see some of the content-concepts.