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Akwai is a social network based on goals and accountability. It has a marketplace with thousands of Action Plans for every category of aspiration. If you can think it, we probably have an Action Plan for it. Books and research findings have even been converted into Action Plans. In the mobile app, there is an Artificially Intelligent Virtual Coach (AIVC) that gives you step-by-step guidance and optimizes your progress toward goals. You can also have a personal success coach who provides additional support via email and video calls.

One of Akwai’s most impactful features is called Uplift Convos. Uplift Convos allow you to be paired with community members for guided conversations meant to uplift you. You can have new conversations with different people every day. With polarization, junk values and isolation on the rise, we need to draw communities back together by talking to each other! When you use the mobile app to be paired, you will have 24 – 48 hours to ask and answer one question from List 1, List 2, List 3 and List 4. Questions can be answered via direct messages (text), audio messages, video messages, a phone call or a video call.

List 1 questions are focused on insightful content (e.g. Videos about growth mindset, mental wellness, productivity etc.)

List 2 questions are focused on checking-in and supporting each other’s well-being (e.g. What are you thankful for this week?)

List 3 questions are focused on the Action Plans you’re tracking (e.g. What was a recent accomplishment made towards your goal?)

List 4 questions are focused on exchanging value, tips and/or positivity (e.g. How do you keep yourself motivated?)

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