We're Better Together

make 2019 your greatest year and stop going after your goals alone


We're Better Together

make 2019 your greatest year and stop going after your goals alone

Ultra-Year 2019

Research conducted by psychologist Dr. Gail Matthews demonstrates that those who merely formulate goals but don’t write them down only accomplish 43% of those goals. Those who write them down accomplish 64%, and those who both write their goals down and share them with a friend accomplish 76% of their goals. Unfortunately, less than 1% of people do both.

The Akwai mobile app is a social network that’s based around goals and accountability. It has a marketplace with thousands of Action Plans that guide you on accomplishing specific objectives. We have Action Plans for any goal you can think of – parenting, fitness, finances… we’ve even converted books into Action Plans. As you use Akwai, the app collects data and measures attributes that are essential to success. Each week it pairs you with your group-members for guided check-ins.

Ultra Year is an online community created to study how to accomplish various goals. Ultra-Year members will be shown how to organize and understand the data Akwai’s app produces. Evaluating your past data will help you optimize your strategy and successfully complete Action Plans. Since this is a social app, you’ll get support from other Ultra-Year members. Additionally, there will be trained coaches (Architects) who host webinars, moderate discussions and are available for 1-on-1 video calls.


No More Limits

quantify and measure progress toward any endeavor

No More Limits

quantify and measure progress toward any endeavor

How Akwai Works


Watch this video to see the app in action


Repeating Weekly Cycle


Step 1: Update Goal

Based on your goals and Action Plans, you will be asked questions (Boms) about your activities and progress.

Step 2: Send Joy

Each week you’ll be paired with a different group-member and be asked to give positive feedback about a specific area of their progress (via their Profile Page).

Step 3: Get Feedback

You will receive Joy from a group-member. Additionally, you will receive progress statistics and measurements from Akwai’s Artificially Intelligent Virtual Coach (AIVC).


Thousands of Action Plans

Untitled Project.gif

Action Plans are based on:

  • Research Studies

  • How-to Articles

  • Personality Traits

  • How-to Videos

  • Books and Authors

  • Non-Profit Endeavors

  • Mission Statements

We want to test, improve and validate each of the 2,000+ Action Plans in our database. Help others accomplish their goals by using our Action Plans to accomplish yours.


Action Plan Categories (Themes)


The Building Blocks of Success

Boms are the building blocks for any goal or Action Plan

The Building Blocks of Success

Boms are the building blocks for any goal or Action Plan

What is a Bom

Bom is the term we use to describe the questions the app will ask you about your progress toward specific goals. Whether positive or negative, Boms are what you will track to stay on course toward accomplishing your Action Plan. There are 8 different types of Boms (Bom-Types): Productives, UnProductives, Ratings, Deratings, Queries, Inquiries, Triggers and Tasks.

Productives (Bom-Type 1/8)

Productives are colored orange and are things you can do on a weekly basis to help you accomplish your goal. If I had a fitness goal, a Productive example could be, “How many times did I workout this week?” Productives are always written in the form of a question.

UnProductives (Bom-Type 2/8)

UnProductives are colored red and are things you are trying to avoid doing. UnProductives are things that may hinder you from accomplishing your goal. An example could be, “How many times did I bite my nails?” UnProductives are always written in the form of a question.

Ratings (Bom-Type 3/8)

Ratings are colored purple. Ratings are positive things that you can rate yourself on, on a scale from 1 - 10. A Rating example could be, “On a scale from 1 - 10, how much effort did I put into being optimistic?” Ratings are subjective so just give your best guesstimation. Over time your ability to rate yourself accurately will increase. Ratings are always written in the form of a question.

Deratings (Bom-Type 4/8)

Deratings are colored blue and like Ratings, they have you rate things on a scale from 1 - 10. The difference with Deratings is that they measure negative attributes not positive ones. An example of a Derating is, “On a scale from 1 - 10, how worried or stressed was I this week?” Deratings are always written in the form of a question.

Queries (Bom-Type 5/8)

Queries are colored pink and are simply open-ended questions that you will periodically ask yourself. An example of a Query question can be, “What was my biggest accomplishment this week?”

Inquiries (Bom-Type 6/8)

Inquiries are colored turquoise and are open-ended questions that your group members will respond to. You can use Inquiries to get advice and insights from other people who have a different perspective than you. When other users come to your profile to Send Joy, they can answer your Inquiry question. An example of an Inquiry could be, “What are some strategies you use to relax and enjoy yourself?”

Triggers (Bom-Type 7/8)

Triggers are colored brown and are two-part Boms. First it asks you how many times you encountered an initial trigger. Then it asks how many times you responded with a specific trigger response. Here is an example of a trigger, “How many times did someone do something that frustrated me?” And here is an example of a trigger response, “How many times did I put myself in their shoes and practice empathy?” Triggers are always written as two separate questions.

Tasks (Bom-Type 8/8)

Tasks are colored yellow and they are things you are trying to accomplish on a one-time basis. A Task example could be, “Write a list of twenty things I enjoy doing.”


What is an Action Plan

An Action Plan is a combination of Boms that have been grouped together to help someone accomplish a specific goal. In addition to Boms, Some Action Plans also have progressive video lessons and activities.


Accomplish Any Goal

Some people think that success is found by having the right solutions. We believe that success is found by having the right questions (Boms). Using Akwai, you can accomplish any goal you imagine by following these steps:

  1. Decide on what goal you want to accomplish. Search the Akwai in-app marketplace for an Action Plan that corresponds with your goal (Note: you may need to work with an Architect or customer support to help you locate Action Plans). If we don’t have an Action Plan for your exact situation then start off with one that is similar and then customize it by modifying its Boms.

  2. Use the Akwai social network normally. You will get accountability and encouragement as you are guided through your Action Plan. As an Akwai member you will repeat this 3-step cycle each week: (1) Update Goal/Action Plan, (2) Send Joy and (3) Get Feedback/Receive Joy…

  3. The app automatically stores and produces insightful data about your progress. After a few weeks, you will have accumulated tons of information that you can look back on. Evaluate this data to modify your strategy, add/remove Boms, edit the structure of individual Boms and change the type of feedback/Joy you receive from group-members.

  4. Continue using the Akwai social network with your updated strategy and Boms.

  5. After some time you will either [a] have accomplished your goal or [b] accumulated new data and information about your progress. Use this information to modify your strategy, update Boms or choose different Action Plans. Being able to always have insightful data to study will allow you to keep tweaking your strategy until you accomplish ever goal you put your mind to.


Amplify Time

learn something new about yourself each month

Amplify Time

learn something new about yourself each month

Ultra-Year Schedule

Below is the 2019 Ultra-Year schedule. The year is divided into the following monthly themes where new Action Plans, activities and trainings will be made available. After each month, you’ll organize and evaluate the data Akwai produced. If you didn’t accomplish your theme-goal, you can use the data insights to [a] understand why and [b] form a new strategy that will succeed. By the end of the year you will have accomplished (or made significant progress in) goals related to each of the monthly themes. If you have other goals you rather focus on, no worries. You will still receive support and accountability by those who are working on the monthly-theme.


Monthly Themes


Onboarding and Master Planning 2019

Passions, Skills, Leisure and Hobbies

Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Humanitarianism and Altruism

Career, Profession, Business and Entrepreneurship

Budgeting, Investing, Saving and Treating Yourself

Lifestyle, Personality, Habits and Shadow

Relationships, Friends, Family and Cultivating Your Tribe

Community Involvement and Civic Engagement  

Insane Moonshot Goals

Using Past Experiences to Help Others Facing Similar Situations

Collective Goal (voted on by Ultra-Year members)


You will Track Multiple Goals Simultaneously

Personalized Goals - These are the endeavors unique to your situation and desires

Monthly Theme Goals - These are the goals related to the monthly themes

Small Group Goals - These are the goals related to the small group you joined


One Main Group, Many Small Groups

In the Akwai app, groups are managed by algorithms that pair users together for guided check-ins - once each week. Starting off, you will be part of the main Ultra-Year virtual group. In addition to that you can join one small group free of change. After that, joining more small groups will cost $35 each. Available small groups include:

  • Aspiring Business Owners

  • Current Business Owners

  • Parents

  • Those aspiring to get a raise, promotion or change employers

  • Churchgoers

  • Those who are passionate about fitness

  • People over the age of 40

  • Vloggers, YouTube Hosts, Actors and Media Personalities

  • Teachers and Professors


The Right Move

why go it alone when you can be supported by a trained professional

The Right Move

why go it alone when you can be supported by a trained professional

Virtual Accountability Services


An Akwai ‘Architect’ is someone who provides Virtual Accountability Services (VAPs) and has been trained in the following skill-sets; Coaching – skills related to guiding and motivating others toward success. Researching – skills related to organizing and evaluating data. Strategizing – skills related to developing and optimizing Action Plans. Chronicling – skills related to blogging/vlogging their journey or the journeys of others.

As a Ultra-Year member, you work alongside Architects who’ll evaluate your progress, provide feedback, send motivational messages, host live webinars and produce educational content for the monthly themes. Additionally, you will be able to hire Architects for the following Virtual Accountability Services (VAPs):

  • Action Plan Support – An Architect will study your Action Plan and provide 1-on-1 coaching, accountability, motivation and evaluation for 4 – 12 weeks.

  • Strategy Sessions – Through a video call, they will help you brainstorm and research strategies based on your unique situation. The session can conclude with the development of personalized Action Plans and Boms.

  • Data Management – Architects are trained on how to organized and evaluate the enormous amount of data the Akwai app produces. If you hire an Architect to log your data, they can arrange the information into a ‘Portfolio’ full of tables, charts and graphs. Portfolios will help others understand your progress and can be used to [a] get support/understanding from non-Akwai users or [b] can be used as a promotional tool to help you secure a raise, promotion or new employer.

  • Chronicling – To create a more in-depth picture of your progress, Architects can blog and/or vlog about your progress through Action Plans. They will interview you to get your context and perspectives as well as document their personal opinions.

  • Team Building – There is nothing more powerful that your own personal network of supporters. Architects will help you invite and onboard your friends, family, peers or co-workers into a private Akwai group. From there, they will provide group coaching to cultivate an effective system of productivity and accountability.